Kup-04074 no write access

The field name exceeded the maximum of 30 characters. However, if you expected the LOCATION clause specification to match one or more files, check the specification and the files in the directory to make sure that they are correct.

An empty delimiter string was specified for a record delimiter. These checks are platform specific, but they can include verifying that there are no hard links in the file path, the file is not a soft link, the file specification includes a parent reference ".

OCI error getting database column type. KUP record number number Cause: Verify the start and end positions are correctly specified.

An error occurred while retrieving the number of bytes in the specified file. An integer field was specified with an invalid length. If that is correct, verify that the external table is defined correctly and that the access parameter field list is also correct.

KUP empty delimiter specified for record Cause: A record in the data file was not loaded into the table because of an error while finding fields in the record.

However, the data source is a sequential device that cannot be reread. The record number in the source data file is not known because multiple servers are loading from the file. KUP zoned decimal to number conversion caused overflow for string Cause: Internal component SLF was unable to complete an operation because of a system error.

Verify that the character set name is valid. If the value for the column transform is to be loaded, then rename the field in the data file so that it does not match the name of a field in the table.

Load this dump file using the same version of the Oracle server that created the file. See messages that follow this message for more information about the error. An error was encountered while attempting to initialize the XAD package.

An OCI error occurred while processing the granule. Fix the mask and try the operation again.

OCI error getting database column size. This message should be followed by another message with more information about the error. Verify the correct file and directory names were specified.

csv file load to oracle table.

An error occurred while atempting to fetch data from an external table. See messages that follow for more details. A row could not be loaded into the table because there was a conversion error for one or more columns in a row. The specified file could not be used for this unload because that would mean overwriting an existing file.

The LOBFILE column had either its directory object name or filename specified by a field in the data file and that field needed to be converted to the server's character set before it could be used. An attempt to seek to the specified position in file failed.

Check that the specified end position is greater than the specified start position.Oracle database 10gR2 error code KUP description - no write access to directory object string. Detailed error KUP cause information and suggestions for.

External Tables Messages (KUP) KUP no write access to directory object string. Cause: The user does not have write access to the directory object used for a log, bad, or reject file.

KUP no read access to directory object string. oracle troubleshooting site and more. this site will guide you how to overcome some problems you may face during your work and guide you how to perform simple technical operations to achieve your goals.

@sumitvedi - does Oracle (the operating system owner of the database instance processes) have read/write permission on that directory?

It isn't enough for you to have it as the files are written by Oracle, not you. ORA Some snapshots in the range [string, string] were purged before the analysis was complete. 1 Answers.

KUP no write access to directory object string \n Cause: The user does not have write access to the directory object used for a log, bad or reject file. Action: n/a.

Kup-04074 no write access
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