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Some smoothie mixes come in powered form that you mix with milk, ice and sometimes fruit. We have watermelon juice and we know how to create smoothies that are all natural. Could you please provide information about equipments and business plan. If you have the means to hire a social-media influencer, go for it.

They are easy to operate and allow for very large returns on the initial investment.

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I would also sell shakes and smoothies etc. Please could you send and info that could help me with my planning etc. Nutriblendz business plan Baird said on February 9, Looking to start a mobile smoothie bar in my home town. Busy smoothie shops run high-efficiency blenders four or five at a time to keep up with orders.

I'm very interested in this type of business. Email ash said on June 14, Johor, Malaysia. Many businesses choose blender brands such as Blendtec which are lower in cost and come with a noise muffling cover. Marketing and Advertising Explore traditional advertising methods, such as colorful flyers and brochures listing recipes, calorie counts and promotional offers, as well as digital marketing.

Training new staff well is worth the time and attention it takes, although this is another cost to doing business. I am looking to start my own business With a plethora of photo-sharing websites like Instagram and Flickr at your disposal, you have the means to reach a wide customer base at relatively low cost when compared to traditional media like television.

Health club juice bars typically sell products to between 15 and 25 percent of users. Looking for an idea for a logo, I found a great one, along with the domain and its original name at http: Please send me the business plan and the equipment used to start business.


Could you kindly send me a business plan for this fruit juice business. The landlord is going to require two months rent plus a deposit, the company that makes the machines you need may lease them to you, but they're going to want a deposit up front Unless you take over a smoothie shop that is going or went out of business, you will probably have to remodel your space, which again, takes money.

Nick stated if you are in this business for the run reason your business will foil because you must start with a business plan first. Setting up a juice bar in Beijing is a great idea especially given our limited choices.

I desperately need this juice shop to be opened in that particular company cause i am doing this to help one of my friend who is not that much educated and so as to help him to settle his future.

There are no annual or contract fees.


A large portion of that business consists of fruit smoothies, which are especially popular in warmer climates. Will I incur large set-up fees?

Aaroon said on January 7, Hii,nowadays i m doing research on starting a smoothie store in my town, because this is something unique, which i can offer to the people, kindly tell me, the way through which i can carry my start up plan in a systematic manner. Fruit smoothies are a popular drink for college and high school students, often replacing meals for a quick pick-me-up in between classes.

Petra said on March 11, Hi from Germany.

I would like to start an independent smoothie shop, what are the pros and cons?

But this is my first juice shop in my life. If your wanting to start a smoothie company. If you could email a business plan to me I would be very grateful Anna said on April 27, Hi! These blenders do wear out with heavy usage and need to be repaired or replaced often.

There are only a few basic components that you will need in order to get your smoothie juice bar up and running. These packaged dry or liquid ingredients have a longer shelf life than fresh fruit and therefore create less food waste.

What does it cost to get started? Can you please e-mail on how I can go about this Vivek Jaiswal said on February 9, Hi, thanks for the great info. They are easy to operate and allow for very large returns on the initial investment. I'm not so business minded tho, how much would it nutriblendz business plan me to set up, how much is a license for this nzd?

Steve said on September 9, I am from Toronto-Canada but moving to South America and planing on opening a smoothie-bar on the beach in a few locations. As a business owner, it is important to weigh the overall cost of use for these pieces of equipment per smoothie to determine the best purchase.

However, I must say as Mr. Would like any helpful info on start up costs, ideas or business plans.Smoothie-juice-bar-business-plan Reviews and opinions written by visitors like you in a few seconds without registration. Share quick smoothie-juice-bar-business-plan review with others and describe your own experience or read existing feedback.

However, I must say as Mr. Nick stated if you are in this business for the run reason your business will foil because you must start with a business plan first.

In you must do the research to gain understanding about the business and the marketing. Juicing, which includes both fruit and vegetable beverages, has become a $5 billion business and it is projected to grow by about 4 percent to 8 percent per year, according to Barron's.

I recently spoke with the man behind this latest craze, Ron Baird, and he filled me in on all the details. Learn more about these Smoothie Bars and how they are a positive for the gym owner and gym member!

Dec 10,  · NutriBlendz will get you up and running as low as $Using % whole fruit products. That includes Menu Boards, Posters, Blender, and much more. To find out how you can set up your juice / smoothie bar or station in your restaurant or gym.

A group of high-school students lounge in plastic lawn chairs on the sidewalk outside a small San Clemente, California, shop called Blaz'n Blenders.

They laugh, talk and gossip, while slurping the.

Nutriblendz business plan
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